Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hail to the Chief (Resident)!

We've fallen down on the job again. Although at least we're blogging a mere 6 days after our last post. It's amazing how much guilt goes with running a free Quote of "the Day" blog that has like three readers. Anyway, speaking of guilt, we should note that we forgot to mention one show whose return has also fired up the QOTD Bureau.


Now in its 8th season, Scrubs seems to have found a rebirth after its move from NBC to ABC, getting back to its more dramatic roots and away from the overly-wacky slapstick trend of the last few seasons. It doesn't hurt that they've brought in some new interns to spice things up, including a couple of former Flight of the Conchords guest stars, Eliza Coupe and Aziz Ansari. Coupe's Denise, a hot, heartless doctor with no bedside manner has been a particular standout. Witness this exchange with George, a dying patient played by the awesome Glynn Turman (Mayor Royce from The Wire:

DENISE: "Mr. Valentine, I’m Dr. Mahoney. My attending really wants me to connect with my patients, so if it’s OK with you, I thought I’d get the ball rolling with a personal story."

GEORGE: "OK. You can call me George."

DENISE: "Awesome. Feelin’ it. So, George, last Friday I’m at a bar. I take this guy home. He’s a little fat. Whatever, right? Plus, chubsters are so grateful, they usually try harder. Anyway, right in the middle of things, he’s sweating and grunting like a hairy rhino and I just start to hate myself. Really, really hate myself… So, without even thinking, I just head butt him right in the face. Bam. Clock him right between the eyes. Knock him out cold. So, that’s what I got. What you got going on?"

Classy. And since I mentioned a politician from The Wire, I totally have a reason to run a conversation between the hilarious Senator Clay Davis and the aforementioned Mayor Royce (not safe for work. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!)

Anyway, this week's Scrubs episodes were pre-empted for some sort of inaugural ball or something. Really? As if that's news.

But seriously, as with almost every American these days, we here at QOTD certainly wish President Obama the best as he begins to take on some major problems. He certainly arrives with some huge expectations, as he is widely considered the best president since President Wayne Palmer ran on a platform of making America safe from terrorist threats, openness in government dealings, and hats for bats.

If people thought President Obama's choice of Rev. Rick Warren was controversial, you should have heard the outcry when President Palmer brought his JoBu statue to his State of the Union address!

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